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Ordination & Thanksgiving 

This event marks a significant season in the House of

Bethel Prayer Centre International Ministries when the senior pastors of the house step into the offices of the bishop & prophetess. here's a snippet of their journey



of the ordination and thanksgiving weekend

Thank you from Bishop Mark Sharpe, Prophetess Marcia Sharpe and the Pastors, leaders, ministers and members of BPCIM 

Ordination & Thanksgiving Sermons

10th july 2021 - ordination sermon- Bishop Rev. Dr. Ian Patterson-Sharpe

11th july 2021 - thanksgiving sermon- Apostle Noel Reid


Ordination Lead Officiant & Guest Speaker:

Bishop Rev. Dr. Ian Patterson-Sharpe

Thanksgiving Guest Speaker: 

Apostle Noel Reid 


 This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:24

Click the programme cover or the link below to access a copy of this weekend's schedule  :

BPCIM Ordination & Thanksgiving - 10-11 July 2021

To book your tickets visit: 

Day 1: Eventbrite 10th July, 2021 @ 5pm  

Day 2: Eventbrite 11th July, 2021 @ 10am

ordination & consecration garments

Prophetess Gown.PNG

The sacred garments designated to 

Bishop-Elect Sharpe & Prophetess-Elect Sharpe

Bishop Cassock.PNG

In the beginning (gen 1:1)

Prophetess Marcia was raised by her Grandmother in Jamaica. who was a strong believer. The church they attended was led and maintained by her family. She recalls taking her little bucket at the age of four years old filled up with bricks or sand to help build the church.

She was often put on a chair to stand to help her Grandmother lead the choir. The church was a very integral part of her development and life. She tells the story as a little girl suffering from bouts of pneumonia, she was always brought into the sanctuary into the Presence of the Lord and then to the hospital. Prophetess Marcia loves God , His people and His House. She is very passionate to see a move of God.

Bishop's first personal encounter with God was in Jamaica at the age of seven. He dreamt he saw the Heavens going almost pitch black and the birds flying wildly, the earth was shaking , then there was a loud siren sound in the air and their was a magnetic pull or force that was pulling everyone towards the heavens. Then people started to lift off the ground. The strangest thing is that everyone was at different heights; some shot right through the heavens, some just about hovered off the ground. Bishop woke up and went to his Mom and explained the dream, his mom said you dreamt the Rapture. At the age of 14 in a Revival service a Woman from the USA , named Evangelist Bertha Coleman called Bishop out of the congregation Prophetically and spoke a word over his life that he would preach, sing and play music all over the world. Bishop remembers packing his bags and telling his Mom “did you hear what the lady said , I'm ready to go now”. She said Son that's not how prophecies come or work in your life you need to pray it through. Well, it never came to pass until 14 years later. There are many supernatural encounters with Bishop and the Lord these are just two occurrences. At the age of 19 Bishop was given a year to live after been followed by a man with a gun for three days to kill him. In that same week. Bishop had an encounter with two Angels who were at the foot of his bed waiting on a decision between Heaven or Hell. Bishop recalls the smell of the Dark Angel - the room smelt of Sulphur .He said this demonic Angel came from the pit of Hell for him. But thanks be to God Bishop surrendered to God. Then the Journey began and the rest is history!


Capturing the history and heart of the visionary and shepherd of BPCIM. 

This is the Lord's doing; it is marvellous in our eyes. This is the day which the Lord hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it. Psalm 118:23-24

desiring ministry?

Advice from the heart of Bishop to up and coming ministers of the gospel.

what came out of their spirit

Bishop-Elect Mark and Prophetess-Elect Pastor Marcia Sharpe have a unique role in restoration in the Body of Christ. They channeled their passions and giftings to write books and produce music to draw man's heart back to the Lord.

Bishop-Elect Sharpe's Books:

  • Principles of Prayer

There are several others in the making such as: the 7- Laws of a Christ-Like Marriage, Rip Up the Old Contract & a novel : Earth Angel

Prophetess-Elect Sharpe's Album:

The Unveiling of His Presence, is a dynamic mix of original Holy Ghost inspired songs. Prophetess is a prolific song writer and worshiper after God's own heart who seeks to raise up worshipers. Re-Knewed was pioneered by Pastor Marcia and Pastor Mark and it has been an innate desire for the Ministry to birth True Worship; a specific mandate given by God to the body of Christ.

Album songs include:

Beyond the Veil

God is Calling for Righteousness (feat. Rev. M. Sharpe)

Your Unfailing Love

Let the High Praises

and many others

Bishop mark book2.JPG
Bishop mark book.JPG


The tributes of fellow-workers in Christ overseas, family & friends. BPCIM sends its warmest gratitude to you.

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